St. John's Vision for the Future

Over the last 20 years, we have grown our enrollment, invested in our teachers, integrated technology into our curriculum and carefully stewarded our finances. As we turn our focus to what comes next, we recognize that in order to succeed, we must build that future upon our foundation of tradition and Lasallian values.

This future is not simply about new buildings. It will be built upon keeping our tuition affordable; ensuring rich diversity within our student community; and providing what the Christian Brothers intended: an education rooted in Gospel values that allows our teachers to identify each student’s unique gifts and talents and empower them to achieve what God intended. 

In the spring of 2015, St. John's began the first phase of campus construction projects that will realize this vision for the school. 

The Donatelli Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

Fine Arts Studios
In the fall of 2015, St. John's completed the upgrade and renovation of our two fine arts studios. The new space allows our fine arts program to better accommodate large projects and creative thinking. We also expanded the adjacent outdoor patio, providing the opportunity for students to use the outdoors as inspiration for their talents. 
Performing Arts Wing
In August 2016, St. John's opened the new Donatelli Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, including a new 15,000-square-foot performing arts wing. It added three performance classrooms outfitted with exceptional acoustic design, three academic classrooms, individual practice rooms, elevator access and enough storage space to accommodate a dozen bands and hundreds of instruments. 

Among the new facilities in the Donatelli Center are the Harlan Art Studio, Welch-Mullikin Band Room, Joe Sorge ’64 Band Office, Rev. Trotter Music Room and the Laura Zellers Strings Office.

The Cap Mona Student Center

In the summer of 2016, St. John's began construction on a new student center. This space will host the Lasallian Center for Mission and Ministry and a new theater complex. It will also feature a glass-enclosed student walk with casual seating that links the center to our current facilities and connects to an outdoor patio in the new Gletner Courtyard.

Lasallian Center for Mission and Ministry
As part of our most recent Lasallian Assessment, the school identified the need for a space to support the vibrant work of the Department of Mission and Ministry and its expanded Christian Service and retreat programs. These retreats and service opportunities are an integral part of the St. John’s experience: 85% of students voluntarily attend retreats, and our students collectively perform more than 25,000 hours of Christian service each year. With this new center, we will welcome students to a comfortable environment where they can explore their faith and put that faith into action. The space will include a student lounge that will serve as a base for student mission-oriented activity, four offices and a conference room for retreat teams. 
Theater Complex
In addition to supporting our mission and ministry work, the student center will house a new theater complex. It will be outfitted with a director’s office, dressing rooms, bathrooms, a green room, additional storage for props and costumes and a black box theater - a small, flexible space that can be easily rearranged to perform intimate plays, run in-depth rehearsals or hold special events such as recitals, lectures and small concerts. This theater complex will give our teachers and students the flexible space and scheduling they need to fully support all of their amazing work - and the foundation to think bigger. 

Recent Campus Construction and Facilities Renovation

In addition to these new projects, St. John's has undertaken more than $30 million in new construction and facilities renovation over the last decade. Some of the most recent examples include:
  • Expansion and replacement of the athletic turf on Quinn Field (2014) and addition of a third turf field (2015)
  • Renovation and upgrade of the Smith Weight Room (2014)
  • Construction of the Cassidy Commons Dining Hall (2012)
  • Expansion of Fernandez Stadium (2012)
  • Enhancement and expansion of Fitzpatrick Library (2012)
  • Construction of the Mona Baseball Clubhouse and Magnolia Football Pavilion at Fernandez Stadium (2012)
    • 'Aerial
      St. John's New Facilities

      Aerial view of campus with the new performing arts wing and student center

    • 'The
      St. John's New Facilities

      The Donatelli Center for the Visual and Performing Arts

    • 'Interior
      St. John's New Facilities

      Interior view of the new performing arts wing

    • 'The
      St. John's New Facilities

      The Cap Mona Student Center and Gletner Courtyard

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      St. John's New Facilities

      The glass-enclosed student walk