Welcome to St. John’s – a faith community formed in the tradition of educational innovator St. John Baptist de La Salle. Throughout the years, St. John’s has become synonymous with quality, diversity, leadership and service. All St. John’s programming derives from our Lasallian mission to learn from and serve one another. What makes Catholic education in the Lasallian tradition exciting and unique is that it emphasizes holistic personal growth and innovative thinking, which strengthens and continually transforms the school community. Viewing today’s world through a Lasallian lens creates compassionate, forward-thinking individuals who are prepared to excel and make meaningful contributions to the greater community.  
When you visit St. John’s, you will walk in the footsteps of past and present leaders – graduates and current students who understand service as a way of life. Last year, St. John’s celebrated the 100-year anniversary of the Cadet Corps leadership program, an event four years in the making that brought together more than 1,000 members of the St. John’s community. It was the largest gathering of alumni in the school’s history. As so many gathered to celebrate the tradition and values of the Christian Brothers and the Cadet Corps, we also took the opportunity to look boldly into the future. 
In November 2015, we unveiled the 20-year vision for St. John’s – a vision that encompasses both the facilities our students require and a forward-thinking curriculum to secure their success in college and in life. One aspect of the master plan that launched last fall was the new Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation and Leadership, a one-of-kind four-year curriculum at the high school level. Built upon the success of our alumni and St. John’s core values of leadership and service, our students have the extraordinary opportunity to further develop their creative and innovative thinking skills.
Another aspect of the plan features the Donatelli Center for the Visual and Performing Arts, a new 15,000-square-foot space that includes renovated and expanded professional art studios, classrooms, individual practice rooms and elevator access. With the opening of the new arts center in August 2016, the next phase of the plan is underway – the new Cap Mona Student Center, which will provide multiple places for our students to gather as a community in order to create, explore their passions and put their faith into action. The student center will house a blackbox theater complex and the Lasallian Center for Mission and Ministry – a space to support our ever-expanding Christian service and retreat programs. The new student center, positioned in the heart of the campus, will open in 2017.
Whether you are a prospective student or an alumnus who graduated several years ago, I invite you to visit our campus and experience firsthand the mission-centered, innovative spirit and academic excellence that is St. John’s. 

Jeffrey Mancabelli