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  • Lake Geneva - March 30

    For the last day of our European expedition, we drove through a scenic route along the Swiss Alps towards a medieval castle on Lake Geneva.
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  • Geneva - March 29

    We left Marseille early and began our trip to Switzerland by train.
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  • Aix-en-Provence - March 28

    Today we visited Paul Cézanne’s home and studio. He was a beloved painter of Aix-en-Provence, a village close to Marseille.  
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  • Barcelona to Marseille - March 27

    Today was a travel day. We left Barcelona in the morning and began our trip to Marseille, France.
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  • Barcelona - March 26

    The past two days were fitted into a tight schedule, but today was a relaxing day where we could enjoy Barcelona at a more leisurely pace.
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  • Barcelona - March 25

    Waking up may have been a challenge, but I think we all managed. Regardless of being able to focus or not, day two went off without a hitch. Our first stop was the Museu Picasso, the Museum of Picasso.
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  • Barcelona - March 24

    Traveling is a lot. You’d expect that a seven-hour flight overnight would be the perfect time for rest and relaxation. However, for most students, those long hours were left wide awake. This made day one an interesting experience.
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  • Arrival - March 23

    Our travelers have arrived in Barcelona!
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