Freshmen Set Class Mission

On May 2, St. John’s Class of 2022 gathered to celebrate the Freshman Mission Mass and sign their class mission statement.

An SJC tradition since 2001, each ninth-grade class develops its own specific mission statement. Throughout the year, a committee of students crafts a statement based upon the qualities that make their class unique – spiritually, academically and socially. After meeting several times to review and revise the draft, the final product is revealed to their classmates at the Freshman Mission Mass. This year’s Freshman Mission Committee included Riley Bain, Jada Bakshi, Emily Bulson, Anika Heywood, Clayton James, Hannah Kirby, Shane Lancaster, Riley Langan, Adrian Magdaleno, Kaitlyn Maloney, Nagomi Myers and Tristen Parker.
The printed mission statement signed by each freshman is then hung in Heritage Hallway, where the statements of the current classes are displayed to remind students of what they hope to accomplish, both at St. John’s and beyond. The mission statement is read at their class Mass each year and at graduation.
Class of 2022 Mission Statement
Following in the footsteps of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, our diverse community accepts and welcomes students of all backgrounds. St. John’s College High School aims to continue the Lasallian identity by providing a strong education that incorporates Christian morals into everything we do. We strive to grow closer to one another both inside and outside the classroom and to discover our true selves. Serving our brothers and sisters is a core component of our community’s identity. Through this, we are able to grow in our faith and develop relationships with others. St. John’s gives every student the opportunity to try new things, meet new people and discover the path God is calling us to. The Class of 2022 will continue this mission and strengthen the values upheld by St. John’s.
Every day we step into St. John’s College High School, the Class of 2022 will aspire to better ourselves as students, athletes and servants. Most of all, we will strengthen our relationship with God. St. John’s provides us with opportunities to grow together as a class, and we will embrace these opportunities to become respectful, accepting and open-minded leaders. It is not just who we are at St. John’s, but it is who we will become in the world outside St. John’s that matters most. As followers of Christ, we will encourage each other to take the initiative in changing the world for the better. The Class of 2022 will leave a positive impact on society. At all times, we will act in the image and likeness of God.   
Live Jesus in our hearts!