Cadet Corps Awards and 2020-2021 Regiment Leaders

On May 13, St. John’s Cadet Corps Performance and Leadership Program announced this year’s award winners and the names and ranks of next year’s regiment leaders, including the next Cadet Colonel: Fouad Ayoub ’21.
Leena Shin ’20, Michael Casas ’21, Chase Provencher ’22, and Noah Hall ’23 received the President’s Leadership Award, the Cadet Corps’ highest recognition for individual achievement. This award is presented annually to the cadets in each grade level who have made a significant and positive impact on advancing the mission of St. John’s Cadet Corps.
Sydney Antonucci ’20, Chika Oboh ’21, Margaret Gleeson ’22, and Alex Wilson ’23 received the Principal’s Character Award, awarded annually to the cadets in each grade level who routinely choose the harder right over the easier wrong, exhibit the five facets of character, and set the example for others to follow.
Thomas Cohen ’20, Colin Kavanagh ’21, Jasper Patterson ’22, and Nebiyu Zerefa ’23 received the McGovern Cadet Culture Award, awarded annually to the cadets in each grade level who embody the spirit of the Corps, participate in Cadet Corps activities, and serve as a true representation of what it means to be a St. John’s cadet. 
Roberto Febles ’20, Nikolay Winslow ’21, Christian Swope ’22, and Mali Sukduang ’23 received the Patterson Wellness Award, awarded annually to the cadets in each grade level who display balance in their life through a commitment to developing themselves mentally, spiritually, and physically.                   
Dante Calandra ’23 received the Sergeant Major Vincent Fisher Scholarship Certificate for excellence in service to the Cadet Corps and contributions in extracurricular activities.
Alex Vaca ’23 was awarded the Sergeant Major Michael Hackett Scholarship Certificate for excellence in character, education, and leadership.
Asa Gregg ’23 received the Clifford L. Patterson, Jr. Scholarship Certificate for demonstrated leadership in a team sport. The recipient maintains honor grades and reflects the Lasallian ethos of humility in service to others.
Ryan Rosia ’21 was presented with the Command Sergeant Major John W. McConnell Scholarship Certificate for exemplary leadership and service to the Cadet Corps.
Jacob Patterson ’20 received the Patrick S. Gilmore Band Award, presented to the cadet who has provided outstanding support and leadership in the Regimental School Band. 
Next year’s regimental leaders include:
Fouad Ayoub ’21
Regimental CSM
Brad Hirst ’22
Lieutenant Colonel     
Erik Carvajal ’21
Lieutenant Colonel 
Elena Lohsen ’21 
Lieutenant Colonel 
Colin Kavanagh ’21 
Lieutenant Colonel 
Daniel De Lude ’21 
Battalion CSM 
Ryan Fitzgerald ’22 
Battalion CSM 
Margaret Gleeson ’22 
Congratulations cadets!