Second Semester Update

See the latest information for our second semester update.
As we prepare to transition to the second semester, our goal is to provide engaging and safe on-campus instruction for as much of the third and fourth quarters as possible. We are carefully monitoring the latest scientific and vaccine developments, COVID-19 transmission data in our area, experiences of similarly situated schools, and other relevant information.
To that end, we will transition to a two-cohort structure for the third quarter. A separate email message will contain information about the groupings and on-campus schedules.

This change gives us the ability to bring more students to campus and classrooms on a daily basis. Due to the rise in virus cases in the area and the advice given by health officials, we have made the decision to require a negative COVID-19 test before students and faculty return to campus. Our goal is to provide as much consistency as possible with in-class instruction, and this protective action will help us return to campus more safely. We remain confident in St. John’s existing health and safety protocols of distancing, masking, sanitation and cleanliness, and ventilation of campus buildings. 
In order to provide community members with the time and resources to obtain a test, we will not begin on-campus instruction until January 25. Additionally, to assist families in better understanding the process of obtaining a COVID-19 test and uploading the results to our Magnus Health System, SJC Health Coordinator Kate Taylor will be communicating with families later this week.
We appreciate the continued flexibility and cooperation of families as we navigate through this school year. We pray for your continued health and well-being, and we look forward to being on-campus very soon.

Scarlet and Grey Cohorts

We will be creating two cohorts for Quarter 3. Cohorts will be contacted separately to identify if they will be in the ‘Scarlet’ or ‘Grey’ Cohort early next week. The new structure consists of two days, consecutively on campus. Click below to see the calendar for January and February.

See Cohort Calendar

Testing Requirements and Health and Safety Reminders:
In a separate communication, families will receive information on COVID testing locations, when to get tested, and options and information if you have questions. Once again, we are implementing this back-to-school testing protocol to keep our community safe and healthy. This testing requirement does not eliminate the need to be vigilant with distancing, masking, hygiene, and avoiding high-risk situations such as indoor or unmasked gatherings. We are committed to providing on-campus teaching and learning.

Transportation for the Remainder of the Year:
Our bus prices have been adjusted to the current hybrid model. All bus passes will be $500 for the remainder of the 2020-2021 academic year and includes to and from school. The passes can be purchased through