SJC Strings

As St. John’s continues its hybrid model, the Strings Program is keeping busy with numerous activities.
On Wednesday afternoons, the members of the String Sextet meet for an on-campus rehearsal. They are advancing their skills by learning a new Aaron Minsky etude every week. They are also working on Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmusik. And the Sextet is preparing for school masses with Music Ministry, with the hope of being able to perform in April.
The Strings Department recently held elections for Orchestra Officers. The roles that have been filled are: President- Alina Edgecombe, Vice President- Erin Kaczor, Social Chair- Austin Rios-Colon, Head Librarian-Derek Aldridge, Sophomore Representative-TBD, and Freshman Representative-Bria Watkins. 
Ms. Higgins is also making plans for an event next month. She explains, “On March 16th from 3:30 to 4:00 pm, a few string students and I are planning to do a Strings Petting Zoo (Virtual) for any SJC student interested in learning more about stringed instruments and potentially enrolling in beginning strings next year.” Look for more information and announcements about this upcoming event. 

Special thanks to Allain Bowman for the pictures.