Senior Awards

St. John’s College High School Performing Arts Department held its annual Senior Awards Night. Like many events this year, the ceremony was held virtually, but the spirit of celebration and accomplishment was very much present. 
The ceremony opened with a brief prayer offered by Bro. Mark. 
Mr. Hammann, Chairman of Performing Arts, began by recognizing the senior members of TRI-M. The TRI-M Music Honor Society represents the best technical and academic musicians of the school.  The TRI-M members of the class of 2021 are:
Maddie Breeden                                                         Allie Rappel
Gavin Brubaker                                                           Craig Robinson
Libby Carpenter                                                          Blaise Ryan
Claire Carter                                                                Cole Serenyi
Olivia Cristillo                                                              Wolfie Storz
Jack Dorsey                                                                 Arnold Tran
Joseph Hammann                                                       Amalia Villegas-Vega
Jan Haro                                                                      Dani Viso
Sean Healy                                                                  Tim Wilson
Zenobia Johnson                                                         Melanie Young
Molly McLoughlin                                                       Grace Yetter
Jadon Michel
Ten seniors who were recently inducted into the International Thespian Society.  Each senior received a graduation medallion as well as a certificate of achievement and pin.  
Jack Dorsey                                                                 Allie Rappel
Joseph Hammann                                                       Craig Robinson
Sean Healy                                                                  Blaise Ryan
Elena Lohsen                                                               Arnold Tran
Molly McLoughlin                                                       Amalia Villegas-Vega
Mr. Hammann then announced the recipients of tonight’s band awards. 
The Patrick S. Gilmore award was established at St. John’s in 2006 and is given annually to the graduating senior for outstanding contributions to the Regimental Band.  Patrick Gilmore is credited with organizing and leading the very first Regimental Band for the 24th Massachusetts Infantry during the Civil War. This award was presented at the Cadet Corps recognition ceremony on May 17 to Daniel DeLude. 
Since its inauguration in 1954, the John Philip Sousa Band Award has been given to thousands of outstanding high school band students.  It is awarded by each school to the graduating high school senior who has displayed superior musicianship, leadership, dependability, and loyalty to the school band throughout his or her four years.  This year’s winner of the John Philip Sousa Band Award goes to Blaise Ryan.
Every year there is a student whose musicianship and effort elevates the level of the other musicians in the band.  This year, one student who wasn’t the star player on the first trumpet or flute part, played an important role behind the scenes.  He also took on the task of leadership as well as setting an example of how to approach being a musician to younger students, especially in assisting the students in Symphonic Band.  This year’s recipient of the Director’s Award for Band is Cole Serenyi.
The Woody Herman Jazz Award was established in 2009 to honor outstanding senior soloists and contributors in the St. John’s Jazz Program.   Charles “Woody” Herman was a great American clarinetist, saxophonist, and band leader and his contributions and influences to the development of Jazz music helped pave the way for endless number of musicians to follow.  This year, one student is honored for his outstanding contributions to the Jazz Program.  He made tremendous strides to improve his musicianship and confidence, and stepped up his game this year to become a leader in the jazz program. This year’s winner of the Woody Herman Jazz Award is Jadon Michel. 
Louis Armstrong was the epitome of jazz as a trumpeter, singer and band leader.  His imaginative, simple style led the way for others and changed the course of jazz.  His phenomenal skill dazzled audiences around the world.  Lucille Armstrong, his wife in later years, described his love for people.  “Louis’s greatest personality traits were humility and generosity...”   The Louis Armstrong Jazz Award was introduced in 1974 with the approval of his widow, Lucille, to honor outstanding jazz students.  This award is given to the graduating senior who best represents what being a member of their high school jazz ensemble is all about.  It recognizes talent and dedication and all that embodies the spirit of Louis Armstrong. This year’s winner of the Louis Armstrong Award for St. John’s College High School goes to Jan Haro.
Miss Katie Higgins, Director of Strings, presented the following awards.
The National School Orchestra Award is given annually to the graduating senior who has spent all four years in the String Ensemble and has demonstrated a high degree of excellence in the classroom and on the stage.  This award is dedicated here at St. John’s to Laura S. Zellers, the founder of the St. John’s Strings Program who retired at the end of 2015.  This year’s recipient of the National School Orchestra Award is Zenobia Johnson. 
The Director’s award for Orchestra is given annually to the senior strings student whose value to the program cannot be measured in just excellence on the stage, but also in excellence pertaining to leadership and dependability.  This year’s recipient brought those qualities to the Strings Classroom every rehearsal.  The recipient of the 2021 Director’s Award for Orchestra is Claire Carter. 
Ms. Fernandez, Director of Choral Studies, presented the following awards.  
The National School Choral Award is given annually to the graduating senior who has spent all four years in the choral program and has demonstrated a high degree of excellence in the classroom and on the stage.  This year’s recipient is a three year member of AVS and embodied leadership and musicianship in the choral room every day.  She is an accomplished singer, actor, composer and arranger.  The 2021 recipient of the National School Choral Award goes to Libby Carpenter.
The Director’s Award for Chorus is given annually to the choral student whose value to the program cannot be measured in just excellence on the stage, but also in excellence pertaining to leadership and dependability.  This award was originally named for choral director Fred Waring, one of the leading choral directors of the 20th century.  Waring composed and arranged music, and his choral group, The Pennsylvanians, help spread the popularity of singing.  The award recognizes outstanding talent and enthusiasm.  This year’s recipient of the Fred Waring Director’s Award for Chorus is Wolfie Storz.
There are four more students to be honored.  Three of these awards will be Special Awards given at Graduation that exemplify outstanding achievements in Theatre, Choral studies, and Instrumental music.  The winners of these awards will be announced during graduation.  
The final award this evening recognizes the outstanding musician of the entire department.   This award takes into account, not only a student’s achievement in one discipline such as band or choral, but also that student’s ability to show excellence across multiple disciplines.
The Quincy Jones Musicianship Award, established in 2014, is given annually to the graduating senior who displays superior musicianship and leadership in multiple areas of music.  This year’s winner displayed these qualities in Band, Jazz, Improvisation, and composition, as well as Theatre.  The 2021 recipient of the Quincy Jones Musicianship Award for St. John’s College High School goes to Blaise Ryan. 
A final recognition was given to two faculty members. Bro. Mark, who served as Department moderator, and Mr. Camillo, who served as pianist for the choral program, are both leaving St. John’s this year.
Congratulations to the Class of 2021!