Lasallian Generalate Visits SJC

On Friday, Dec. 9, St. John’s welcomed visitors from the Lasallian Generalate in Rome and its Secretariat for Solidarity and Development.        

They gave a presentation to junior morality classes and students from the Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation and Social Impact regarding their outstanding work on behalf of the most vulnerable in Lasallian institutions throughout the world. The Secretariat is supported by the fundraising and work of the La Salle International Foundation, and oversees ministries not only in education, but also in the multidimensional vulnerabilities of poverty, children’s rights and well-being, gender equality, and environmental sustainability. The impact extends to the entire community by providing formation, stability, and even sustenance in the form of clean drinking water.
The visiting members of the secretariat were intrigued by the unique nature of the Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation & Social Impact and are hopeful of deepening the relationship and efforts between the two entities.
The members of the secretariat were accompanied by two General Counselors from the Christian Brothers’ Generalate in Rome. Br. Sergio Leal, FSC, of Bogota is the Executive Secretary for the General Council, and Br. Chris Patiño, FSC, of Los Angeles is the new General Councilor who represents the region of North America in Rome. St. John’s was the first school in the district (DENA) to welcome Br. Chris.