Lessons in Leadership

On Nov. 6, the entire freshman class participated in the Day of Leadership, sponsored by the Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation and Leadership.
The Day of Leadership is an opportunity for the freshman class to come together, discuss their individual leadership qualities and values and then develop action plans to make these qualities and values an active part of their lives.
For most of the students, this was their first experience with the Entrepreneurial Center. The ECIL was launched in the fall of 2015 to directly support St. John’s mission to prepare young men and women for lives of leadership, achievement and community service.
Leadership is a key component of the freshman year, which provides students with the confidence needed to proactively approach challenges and solve problems. Within the ECIL, the focus extends to leadership of self, of others, in a specific area of study and beyond. The program guides students toward a deeper understanding of self and empowers them to improve not only themselves, but also the world around them. 
Students heard from three speakers over the course of the day:
Leonard Wheeler, Gameon Nation
Wheeler spoke about the importance of communication. By the end of the session, students understood how powerful their words and actions actually are. They were challenged to use that power to build their classmates up, rather than break them down.
Dr. Jeffery Mangram, Syracuse University
Leaders need to know what they stand for. During Mangram’s presentation, students were challenged to identify the values that they stand for. They then went through a series of exercises designed to assess how well they live up to their values. Mangram also provided students with tactics they can employ to strengthen those values. 
Suzie Kowalewski, Assistant Director of St. John’s Entrepreneurial Center
Kowalewski’s sessions walked students through an exercise that encouraged them to discover their values and create an action plan for how they can make those values a more active part of their lives.