Student Reflections: Grace DuFour '19

Senior Grace DuFour reflected on the examples set by the saints at the All Saints' Day Mass on Nov. 1.
All Saints’ Day celebrates the men and women that have set an example for us. They are men and women who can prove to me that God exists. God lives and shows His love through them. The saints help me realize that because they are people, it is easy to live my life with God and carry out His word.
In middle school, the saints were a big part of our teaching, because it was an easy way to show how others incorporated God into their lives and lived with Him every day. We would talk about them often, and it would show me that there is always a person who has dealt with life before me and can help me with my journey. My confirmation saint was St. Cecilia, the patron saint of music. She reminded me of my grandmother, who loves music and will sing to any song that she hears. 
I pray to the saints often, because they are people I can connect to as well. They help me remember that what I’m going through is not new, that many before me have struggled or progressed just as I have. I have come to know God through the saints because they show me His true love. If these real people can become patron saints and testify on behalf of God, then I know He is real. The miracles the saints perform and the lives they touch can also show God’s love and prove that He lives in all of us. 
Let us remember we are in the holy presence of God.