Barcelona - March 25

Waking up may have been a challenge, but I think we all managed. Regardless of being able to focus or not, day two went off without a hitch. Our first stop was the Museu Picasso, the Museum of Picasso.
Not only was the art incredible, including portraits done by Picasso at only the age of 15, but Sylvia, our tour guide, made the trip more special by giving us the task of choosing one piece of art that really stood out to us individually.
After that, we headed to a building specially designed building by the artist Gaudí. This apartment complex is designed to represent nature’s key elements: earth, wind, water and fire. From the roof, we had an incredible view of the city. From there we visited another one of Gaudí’s works, the Segrada Familia, a basilica that is designed to bring us closer to God by bringing us into nature. Overall, my favorite part was the colors created by the stained glass reflecting on the stone walls.
We ended the day with a great buffet dinner of chicken, steak and salmon, with light sides of pizza and pasta. It was a long day, considering the travel time before, but worth it.

Contributed by Jason Lerner '19