Prague and Dachau - March 25-26

Monday morning, we woke up to a beautiful view of the city of Prague and a great local breakfast.
We were presented with meats, cheeses, cereals, eggs and many more local cuisine items. We then ventured to the castle, Michael the bus driver leading us like the hero he is. We visited the castle at one of the highest points in Prague. It had the most magnificent cathedral with amazing tombs, crypts and stained glass, as well as beautiful architecture overall.
We then went across the bridge and made our way to our boat tour on the Moldau River, which gave us a wonderful view of the city overall. We engaged with other Russian tourists, which provided us insight into what other teens thought of the city and their experience.
We were then given free time to enjoy the city, go shopping and explore wherever we wanted to (courtesy of Dr. Garland’s hard-fought effort to get us this free time). Afterward, we had goulash and a nice berry ice cream at a local restaurant. We were all emotionally and physically exhausted from a long night, so we retired to our rooms and prepared for the next day. 
The following day, we enjoyed the same breakfast and packed our bags to get ready to leave for Dachau. After a long bus ride and enjoying some German McDonald’s that is far superior to the American ones, we arrived at the Dachau concentration camp. We were able to learn about the tragedies committed here and become informed about the history and stories behind these camps. It was more than just the numbers/statistics, for we also got to witness firsthand accounts and personal experiences of those in the camps.
Following the visit to Dachau, our hero Michael led us to Munich on the bus, along with a nice experience of the popular German music from our tour guide Lioba. When we finally arrived, we enjoyed some more authentic German cuisine. We then went to our hotel and called it a night at the Moxy Munich to rest for our second day in Munich tomorrow. 
Contributed by Bryce Galey '19