Barcelona - March 26

The past two days were fitted into a tight schedule, but today was a relaxing day where we could enjoy Barcelona at a more leisurely pace.
After sleeping in, we took the underground system and strolled through the streets of the Gothic Quarter, Barri Gótic. Here, we saw markets, small businesses and even American brand stores. We concluded this stroll by arriving at the Barcelona Cathedral. The cathedral was the perfect example of beautiful Catalonian architecture, and it surrounded us as we observed the walls, ceilings and towers. This cathedral also had an enclosed outdoor area where we saw 13 white geese who were dedicated to a young martyr.
After the cathedral visit, many of us learned about the history of the political situation in Spain while getting the opportunity to explore the main square where the government buildings were located. 
We headed toward the Mediterranean Sea for lunch and felt the nice breeze while we were eating. Some of us even got our feet wet as the cold waves splashed our feet! After our stop at the beach, we went to Parc Güell, a park primarily designed by the famous architect, Antoni Gaudí. Some notable works include the lizard fountain and the winding bench, and these features were visited by our group, who took a countless number of pictures to remember Gaudí’s amazing work.
For our last stop of the day, we went to a market called La Boqueria. Walking though the endless amounts of fresh fruits, vegetables and juices, we got to experience a Spanish market and what foods were available for the locals.
Following our long day, our group went to a local restaurant and enjoyed a nice pasta dinner. The day concluded as everyone prepared for the next adventure to Marseilles, France. 
Contributed by Leena Shin ’20 and Ms. Martin’s group