Münich - March 27

Münich: the capital of Bavaria. Bavaria is the only Catholic state in Germany. As such, I was pleasantly surprised to see how distinct Bavarian culture is from the rest of the nation.
As soon as we set off for the day, I noticed the subtle differences: from High German greetings in the shops on the square to the freshly cooked weisswurst and schweinshaxe served at lunchtime (I’d personally recommend the former). Very quickly, we all realized that Münich was going to be unlike anything we had ever experienced.
We started the day at BMW World, which was Heaven on Earth for the “auto besessen” (German term for car enthusiasts) in the group. Once we were done living our autobahn dreams, we met the lovely Collette, our tour guide, and began our sightseeing tour of the city. We visited the magnificent Nymphenburg Palace, which was so gigantic, I couldn’t even get a full panoramic shot of the property!
Then, we set off for the main square of Munich, where we enjoyed a traditional Bavarian lunch. After some shopping time, tour director Lioba challenged us to a scavenger hunt, which was my personal highlight of the day. We separated into five teams charged with tasks like trying on dirndls, eating marmalade-filled krapfens and playing a game of fingershakel. We finished off our adventure-filled day with delicious Bavarian pork ribs and potatoes. With tired limbs and a full stomach, I slept like a rock, dreaming of our next great adventure in the morning.
Contributed by by Olivia Perna ’19