Neuschwanstein - March 28

The Scholars had an early start to the morning, with a wake up call at 6:30 am in an effort to be on time for their fairytale coming to life.
We began our morning with a traditional continental breakfast with assorted meats and cheeses, yogurt, fruits and a variety of pastries. Everyone gathered in the lobby at the Moxy for the last time and began our journey. Although the bus ride from Münich to the Neuschwanstein was long, it was a perfect time to catch up on some sleep. 
After about three hours of napping, the Scholars took beautiful pictures of the scenery surrounding the Castle of Neuschwanstein. We were able to see miles beyond the mountainous backdrop, and we began our hike to the castle that inspired the traditional Sleeping Beauty kingdom. Gathered on a bridge (that was rickety and a little frightening), we could see a gorgeous view of the castle before we started our tour. 
Neuschwanstein was commissioned by King Ludwig II; however he died before it was completed. As a result, the castle was never finished. The only rooms that were finished were the kitchen, the throne room, the concert hall and the king’s chambers, which included his dressing room and personal cave. Each completed room was elaborately decorated with Italian marble, German colored glass, wood carvings and original paintings.
For lunch, we ate traditional German donuts and bratwurst and then we boarded the bus to go to Switzerland. On the way to Switzerland, we spent 10 minutes driving through Austria. Upon arrival at our hotel, we ate a great pasta dinner and went to bed.
Contributed by Lexi Mancabelli '19 and Emma Mitchell '19