Mount Pilatus and Lucerne

An early morning bus ride brought students and faculty to the base of Mount Pilatus, a mountain in the alps of central Switzerland.
From the base, we took a series of two gondolas to Pilatus Kulm, 2,132 meters (almost 7,000 feet!) above sea level. The views from both gondolas were incredible and we were dropped off at a hotel resort at the peak. From there, we walked up to the highest point in the area and got a stunning scene of Lucerne and Central Switzerland. At the peak, we got to see the rest of the area, take pictures and made friends with some other tourists!
After Mount Pilatus we headed to Lucerne, where we took a walking tour of the historic city with a view of the Alps in the background. After the tour, we had an opportunity to eat lunch, shop and explore the city more for ourselves. In exploring the city, we tasted the local chocolate, collected our pocket knives (or ni-Fees as our tour guide called them) if we ordered them and saw the native swans (which were extremely aggressive.) After our free time, we had what our schedule listed as a surprise: a memorial sculpture in the side of a cliff for the Swiss soldiers who died protecting King Louis XIV, an impressive structure hidden within the city.
We finished our last day in Europe with a family-style meal in our hotel while we all looked through pictures of the countries we’d be leaving behind.
Contributed by Rob Hickmott '19