Student Reflections: Kalen Fling ’20

Kalen Fling ’20 shared what Mass means to her at the Opening of School Mass on Sept. 6.
As I ponder the question, “What does Mass mean to me?,” I think back to my first Mass, which might be pretty similar to a few of you, in which the all-school Mass is your very first Mass. Of course, I had been to church before, but Mass was different from what I was used to. Somehow, after going to church for 14 years, I did not realize that it was possible for me to feel closer to God, but I did. I truly felt as though He was with me, watching over me throughout the whole Mass. 

The homily somehow related to what I was going through in that moment in time freshman year and provided me with the solution I needed to hear. At the time, I felt as though God was speaking to me through someone else, which meant a lot to me because I felt connected to God. As I began to go to Mass more and more, Mass became a place where I could release my troubles and just focus on my relationship with God. I owe God everything, because He is behind every blessing in my life. Mass means thanking God for our blessings, which we often forget to do in our busy lives. 

Mass to me means a peace of mind, because I am dedicating time to worship God and not worrying about school or any other distractions that occur in my everyday life. Mass means my appreciation and acknowledgment to God for sending His only son to die on the cross to save us from our sins. 

Mass to me means my prayer community as well. When I reflect on my first Mass at St. John’s, and the Masses I have attended since then, the first word that comes to mind is community. It takes a community dedicated to serving God to execute a full Mass successfully. God made us to be in relationship with others and with Him, so He encourages us to come together and praise Him. Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I.”  His presence is among us when we gather to worship Him. Because of this, let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.