Student Reflections: Mary Catherine Canary ’20

At the All Saints’ Day Mass on Nov. 1, Mary Catherine Canary ’20 reflected on the lives of the saints and the ways they inspire each of us to live out the Catholic faith.
When I think of celebrating All Saints’ Day, I usually think of the saints I know by name: Mother Teresa, Pope John Paul II, Ignatius of Loyola and, of course, John Baptist de La Salle. Today is a day to focus on those who have gone before us to join God in Heaven, and it can remind us of what we strive for.
As Catholics, our ultimate goal in this life is to join God in the next and bring as many people with us as we can. The saints serve as perfect role models for that goal. They have already been through the process of finding God in their lives, and we can follow their examples to focus more on where we see God in our own lives. Additionally, today we celebrate all of the souls who have made it to Heaven, even if we on earth don’t know it.
Today reminds me that we are all called to be saints. God wants all of us to join Him in Heaven, and that’s what being a saint means. I know that in recent months, our St. John’s community has experienced grief and loss. We have all struggled to understand why things happen the way they do. However, today is a reminder that those lost are simply one step closer to eternal happiness with God in Heaven. We may never fully understand in this life, but we can hope and we can pray that our loved ones become saints too, and that one day we can join them.
The way to get there is through modeling our lives after the lives of the known saints – incorporating prayer into our daily routines and, as Mother Teresa famously said, “do(ing) small things with great love.” We don’t need to work miracles in order to become saints; we just need to try our best to be good disciples of Christ and live out the Catholic faith. We celebrate the saints and all of their accomplishments today, and we use their stories as inspiration for our own lives. So today, be inspired to live in the best way you possibly can, and remember that ultimate happiness is not in this life, but the next.