Freshman Mission Mass

On April 1, the Class of 2025 gathered for their Freshman Mission Mass and to sign their class mission statement.
Each year, the ninth-grade class develops their own specific mission statement, an SJC tradition since 2001. In the spring, a committee of students crafts a statement based on the unique spiritual, academic, and social qualities of their class. After meeting several times to review and revise the draft, the final product is revealed to their classmates at the Freshman Mission Mass. This year’s Freshman Mission Committee included Clayton Armah, Logan Brooks, Erin Carmody, Stella Corso, James Egan, Anthony Escobar Ceron, Ella Krauss, Robert Luongo, Austin Medina, Jawanna Onuoha, Anthony Pisani, Rebekah Ryan, and Caroline Zarzecki.
The printed mission statement signed by each freshman is then hung in Heritage Hallway. The statements of the current classes are displayed there to remind students of what they hope to accomplish, both at St. John’s and beyond. The mission statement is read annually at their class Mass and at graduation.
Class of 2025 Mission Statement
The Class of 2025 has embraced the values of hard work and inclusivity of St. John’s. As Lasallians, we promote a community of family, faith, and kindness. Our outgoing and creative energy contributes to the vibrant school spirit. Our supportive class has overcome COVID-19 limitations and restrictions to be more compassionate and enthusiastic learners. With Jesus as our model, we are becoming better students, friends, and members of our faith communities. We draw inspiration from the Cadets who have come before us and follow in their footsteps to continue the loving, wise, and passionate traditions of St. John’s College High School. 
As a class, we will strive to grow in the Five Lasallian Core Principles. In addition to our development, we want to take what we will learn at St. John’s to become successful individuals who will have a positive impact on our communities. We will be dedicated and hardworking as our class cultivates our leadership skills. We will bring our abilities in academics, athletics, and the fine and performing arts to new heights during our years at St. John’s and beyond. Through the opportunities provided by St. John’s, we will continue to grow in our faith and our zeal for service. We cannot grow alone, so we are committed to growing with the help of God and through the relationships and connections we have made with each other.

Live Jesus in our hearts.