April 20 - Day 8

On the final day of our cruise, we started our day by waking up at 6:00 in the morning and headed out for the island of Crete.

When we landed on the island, we started our adventure in the Minoan Palace of Knossos, where we saw the ancient ruins of King Minos and his bride. The king wore a beautiful royal crown made of peacock feathers. Their palace was decorated with paintings of proud men with broad shoulders and women participating in daily life, unlike many early cultures that valued the work of men in the field while the women were kept in the home. Some other symbols that guarded the palace were the double axe that represented superior power and the snake that represented earth and protection instead of evil or wickedness, like some other cultures and stories like Adam and Eve. During our tour we even got to see some real life peacocks up close. 
At about noon, we boarded our cruise and set sail for the beautiful island of Santorini. We got on the bus and went up the mountain and saw a broad and gorgeous view of the caldera, mountains, volcanos and the tiny white and blue houses down below. We went on a walking tour through small villages and the main town of Oia. After the walking tour, we had a few hours of free time during which we could shop, eat and relax. We finally re-boarded the ship with full bellies and hands full of souvenirs. 

Contributed by 
Whitney Octavious and Jasmine Roberts