Day 9

Today we got up at 6:00 am and had breakfast on the boat. We had already packed all our luggage the night before, so disembarking was a breeze.

We immediately headed out to the temple of Poseidon, where it was cold and windy, but we still took a great family photo and saw the awesome ruins.

We heard about the mythology concerning the temple of Poseidon. It is involved in the myth of the Minotaur and was where King Aegeas, after whom the Aegean Sea is named, committed suicide after mistakenly thinking his son Theseus had died. 
After a bus ride back, where we heard some more about the area, we arrived back at the hotel in Athens. We quickly checked in and left our baggage; we then headed out to the Plaka district. There we saw the largest Greek Orthodox Cathedral in Athens. Then we headed out for some lunch and shopping for the afternoon. 
To tie up the rest of the afternoon, we went to the Athens Archaeological Museum. There we saw the mask of the Agamemnon and many other artifacts. There were statues and jewelry and even two skeletons. We learned a lot. 
For dinner we went back to the hotel and ate at the La Brasserie resturant. Now we are heading to bed to get ready for our early :00 am wake up call so we can get on a plane and head back to you!
Contributed by Lizzy Coughlin and Ethan Johnson