April 22 - Day 10

Today we woke up at 2:00 am! We awoke to dark skies and a sense of sadness, since we would be leaving on a plane home soon. 

Everyone was exhausted as we got dressed and headed down to our final meal in Athens. We met in the lobby with our chaperones at 2:45 and shortly after departed for the airport.
We rode on the bus with our amazing tour director, Julie, and got to say our goodbyes and give our gift to thank her for a wonderful time. We know this will not be a "goodbye" to her, but simply a "see you later," since we would love to have her visit us in DC! We unloaded the bus with all of our suitcases and headed to check in and check our luggages. 
Our first flight was from Athens to Munich, which was a short two hours and 45 minutes.  

Once we arrived, we all regrouped and waited in line to go through customs and security, which took a while, but everyone was able to talk to one another about the trip. In Ms. Bruce's group, we went around saying our top five favorite parts of the trip. Recalling all of the many amazing memories we have made and lessons we have learned on this trip, we continued through the airport. 
Once we arrived at our gate, everyone bought lunch using the money voucher given to us because of the layover. We all regrouped after one and a half hours to get ready to board the plane. We soon found out that our plane had been delayed, so we all sat around waiting. Many of us played card games, listened to music and began the homework assigned over break. Our flight was then delayed again due to issues with the engine, so we waited 20 more minutes.  

When we were finally able to board the plane, we all got to our seats and browsed through the selection of movies! We waited a while on the plane to make sure it was safe to fly, but we soon lifted off in the air, on our way home to DC. We were happy that we got to spend more time with one another.
This trip to Greece has been such an unforgettable experience for all of us. From having our fantastic tour director, tour guides and chaperones, to the amazing Greek food and the incredible journey across the Greek islands, this trip will be one to remember.

Going to Greece taught us many lessons. We definitely learned many fascinating things about the ancient ruins and culture of Greece, but we also learned many life lessons. We learned that we need to be aware of our surroundings and be responsible, we learned to be aware of the time and to always be early and how to remain organized in tiny cruise ship cabins. Mr. O'Connor had also spoken to us about time management on the trip and how it will play a role in applying to colleges and jobs in the future.
Most importantly, we made new friendships that we will have throughout our time at SJC, and maybe afterward! One moment where we all grew closer was the Greek dance night. We were all up on stage together as a group and learned how to dance together. Many students commented on how activities similar to the dance night also helped us grow together.
We all are going to miss the beautiful country of Greece and the people we met there, but this will not be the only trip to Greece for many of us! This trip has affected us in many positive ways and we cannot wait to share more of what we learned and the pictures we took with our families and friends!

Contributed by 
Francesca Larson