Exploring Granada - April 2

The first full day of our Nicaraguan adventure was both stunning and inspirational. Although waking up at 7:15 am was a little rough on most of us, the day surely made up for it!
First, our great tour guides, Diego and Walter, spoke to us of the shared history between our home country and Nicaragua. After visiting a beautiful cemetery, we walked around the rest of the tranquil city of Granada. As I am sure many of my peers would agree, one of the best parts of the day was eating at Café de las Sonrisas. The owner, Antonio Prieto, told us the story behind the restaurant and hammock shop he opened in order to provide support to the mute and deaf community. ¡La comida fue muy rico!

Shortly after, we took a boat ride down the largest lake in the country, Lake Nicaragua. Our tour guide, Walter, made friends with a spider monkey on Monkey Island! We are all very excited to continue our trip and dive into the vibrant Central American culture.

Submitted by Naomi Lester '19