Paris Continued - March 29-30

Wednesday night we finished our evening by seeing the Eiffel Tower at night! We walked more than 30,000 steps on Wednesday, so we were all ready to go to bed by the end of the day.
On Thursday, we saw a little bit of everything. We started the day with a long walk through Paris to a ride on the “bateaux mouches,” where we got to see everything that lines the Seine. After our boat ride, we went to visit the Arc de Triomphe and shop along the Champs Elysées. We had a quick lunch, then we walked to see the beautiful and famous Notre Dame Cathedral. Next, we took the metro to visit Sacré Cœur and Montmartre. We finished off our day by having dinner at a cute little restaurant near the Sacré Coeur. We saw a little bit of everything that Paris had to offer thanks to Mme. Verlenne! We went back to La Salle Paris (where we were staying while in town) and quickly crashed. 
Today, we woke up early and went to visit le chateau de Versailles! We learned a little history, saw some beautiful architecture and had a macaron or two. We finished off our trip by taking a train in late afternoon, then back to the host families we went! We had a great few days in Paris and look forward to the adventures with our host families over the weekend! Happy Easter!