What’s in the library…besides books?

When you enter Fitzpatrick Library, you are greeted by a peaceful learning environment with the traditional structure and feel of a library. Spend a few minutes in this space, and you will experience how the library embraces new technology and is far from traditional.
St. John's Fitzpatrick Library is more than a large collection of books, laptop computers and iPad devices. It is a place where students can learn the skills they will need in college. They develop both research techniques to navigate databases and the ability to evaluate their findings. As students discover more about their areas of interest, the library staff helps them find information on topics that excite them.
St. John’s is committed to having the latest technology to allow students to access both Internet and subscription database resources that contain more in-depth information critically reviewed for accuracy. Students have access through the library to a number of online databases, including 11 Gale databases and four Facts on File databases.
The Fitzpatrick Library staff strives to maintain a library with an open environment conducive to independent study and interactive learning. The staff works with the administration and faculty to provide resources for instruction and research to support academic and curricular activities. The entire school community is welcome in the Fitzpatrick Library.

Library Resources

Please see a librarian to obtain the password for databases.