Whereas the overall counseling mission at St. John's remains true to form, junior year at St. John's is different from years prior because students are becoming more interested in their future. As the students mature and experience new and different things, the challenges they face change as well.
Junior year is mainly devoted to:
  • Transitioning into upper-level AP and honors classes
  • Reviewing transcripts to ensure students are on the right track to fulfill graduation requirements and meet future goals
  • Dealing with the personal and academic anxiety that often accompanies teenagers
  • Impressing upon students the importance of the PSAT
  • Deciding which standardized test is best for them (SAT or ACT)
  • Learning strategies for being successful on standardized testing
  • Exploring ways to emphasize strengths and talents
  • Taking on leadership roles in school clubs and athletics (and how to handle that responsibility)
  • Introduction to career and college exploration
Junior year is a time of excitement, future dreams and hard work. We encourage our students to work to their fullest potential, while experiencing all the wonders of their teenage years.  
11th Grade School Counselor

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