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  • The members of the Cadet Chorus, from their performance in the auditorium on December 23, 1958.

    Throw Back Thursday

    This month, we turn back the clock all the way to 1959 to an article published in the January 22, 1959 issue of The Sabre.
  • Tri-M Induction Ceremony

    St. John’s Performing Arts Department held the Tri-M Induction Ceremony this afternoon.  Tri-M (which stands for Modern Music Masters) is a national honor society for high school music students.
  • Throw Back Thursday

    This month’s installment of Throw Back Thursday looks at an article printed in the December 9, 1983 issue of The Sabre.
  • Strings Add Instagram

    The Scarlet and Grey Strings have started an Instagram page.
  • Guest Speaker

    This morning, Erica Hart spoke with the Wind Ensemble and Advanced Vocal Studies classes during first period.
  • Non-JROTC students join JROTC students to help improve the sound of the Regimental Band.

    Throw Back Thursday

    In past year's, the first Saturday of November has been the big St. John's v Gonzaga football game, with the March On preceding kickoff.  This month's feature will look back at the Regimental Band from an article that was published in the November 18, 2005 edition of The Sabre.  The article and picture were submitted by Allison Aylward.
  • Wind Ensemble

    Open House

    St. John’s College High School is holding a virtual Open House this year.  While the current situation prevents us from welcoming you in person, know that the Performing Arts Department is very eager to share all the wonderful things that we do.  Hopefully this post will provide a little insight into St. John's Performing Arts program. If you have any questions, please reach out to our music directors. 
  • The Music Man Cast

    Throw Back Thursday

    October's installment of Throw Back Thursday turns to the October 12, 1962 edition of The Sabre.
  • My Favorite Memory About SJC

    "My last Competition Jazz and Wind Ensemble Concerts" - Will Heinle
  • Throw Back Thursday

    The Performing Arts Blog offers a new feature this year: Throw Back Thursday.  Each month we will take a look back on the history of music and drama at St. John's by looking at an article that was published in The Sabre.  Today's article comes from the September 26, 1952 edition.