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  • The Music Man Cast

    Throw Back Thursday

    October's installment of Throw Back Thursday turns to the October 12, 1962 edition of The Sabre.
  • My Favorite Memory About SJC

    "My last Competition Jazz and Wind Ensemble Concerts" - Will Heinle
  • Throw Back Thursday

    The Performing Arts Blog offers a new feature this year: Throw Back Thursday.  Each month we will take a look back on the history of music and drama at St. John's by looking at an article that was published in The Sabre.  Today's article comes from the September 26, 1952 edition.
  • Competition Jazz

    Wednesday Rehearsals

    This year's class schedule sets Wednesdays for clubs and activities to get together.  The Music Department took advantage of this by holding several rehearsals for some of the extra-curricular ensembles.
  • A New School Year Begins

    Today, St. John's held the first day of class.  While the 2020-2021 year will be very different, the teachers of the Performing Arts Department will be keeping the musicians at St. John’s active and engaged.
  • AVS Retreat

    The Advanced Vocal Studies class met today to begin their work for the new school year.
  • Spring Posting

    The St. John's Performing Arts Department has been doing the best it can to keep our student musicians engaged and practicing at home.  Two recent projects demonstrate this effort.
  • Cabaret Night

    St. John’s held a Cabaret Night in the Frana Auditorium.
  • MBDB Honor Band

    Four St. John’s students were part of this evening’s Honor Band hosted by the Maryland Band Directors’ Band.
  • One Year Ago

    It was just one year ago, March 1, 2019, that St. John's performed at Walt Disney World.