The four pillars of the program are designed to engage and develop the whole student. This comprehensive approach helps cadets achieve balance and depth in their overall development, allowing them to become more effective leaders. 


At its core, leadership involves influencing others to accomplish a goal. The Cadet Corps teaches students leadership principles and how to positively lead themselves and others. The program progresses and cadets earn more responsibility in each grade.

Cadet Culture

The structure of the program builds on the rich history of the Cadet Corps and teaches discipline, accountability, resilience, and citizenship, while providing cadets opportunities to practice leadership.


Students will understand the importance of honesty, personal courage, and selflessness, and how they impact one’s ability to lead. The Cadet Corps builds character by providing service opportunities and inspiring cadets to choose the harder right over the easier wrong. 

Health and Wellness

Effective leaders are mentally and physically healthy and have meaningful relationships in their lives. The Cadet Corps provides opportunities for cadets to develop their physical health while also learning about important wellness concepts in the classroom.

—Sydney Antonucci ’20

Being a member of the Cadet Corps has enhanced every aspect of my experience at St. John’s. It has made me a better field hockey player, student, leader and friend.