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Admissions Information

For information about applying to St. John's De La Salle Scholars Program, please contact our Admissions Office. To be admitted to the De La Salle Scholars Program, an 8th-grade student must meet the following requirements:

  • Top academic performance in seventh and eighth grades
  • Scores in the top percentiles on the High School Placement Test
  • Excellent teacher recommendations
  • Involvement in service and extracurricular activities
  • A well-written and well-developed essay

Required Courses 

  • Grade 9 - Honors Scripture, Honors English, Honors Math, and Honors Biology
  • Grade 10 - Honors English, Honors Math, Honors Chemistry, and AP World History
  • Grade 11 - AP English Language and Composition or Honors English 11 (as well as a combination of three or more additional honors and/or AP classes)
  • Grade 12 - Honors Seminar, a minimum of four honors and/or AP classes, and the Independent Study Project

    Challenging Courses Of Study

    • These students engage in critical inquiry in religion, literature, philosophy, ethics, and the social and natural sciences. The program bridges the scholastic knowledge of St. John’s faculty and experts in various fields with experiential and interdisciplinary learning components.
    • Above all, the scholars’ journey culminates in an understanding of the progressive learning process. Upon graduation from St. John’s, scholars utilize practical and theoretical knowledge effectively to serve others and successfully navigate an ever-changing world.

    College Counseling

    The scholars director serves as the college counselor for all scholars and works closely with the College Counseling Office on all aspects of the college counseling process. 

    Learn more about college counseling