The Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation and Social Impact

The Entrepreneurial Center for Innovation and Social Impact, developed in accordance with our Lasallian values, encourages students to be creative in thinking and bold in action. It is a four-year, cross-curricular learning experience unlike anything students will encounter in a traditional classroom. 

Throughout their involvement in the program, students focus on the importance of social responsibility and come to understand their role in creating a positive impact, both within their communities and beyond. 

St. John Baptist de La Salle

“A Lasallian education must continually challenge itself to be creative while remaining faithful to its origins.”

Freshman Year - Leadership of Self and Others

  • Powerful and formative full-class retreat on character and leadership 
  • Seminars from successful innovators, leaders and coaches 

Sophomore Year - Creativity and Communication

  • Immersive two-day experience focused on the entrepreneurial process 
  • Webinars, videos, group exercises and blended learning experiences designed to improve communication skills 

Junior Year - Innovation in Action

  • Yearlong project during which students reflect on a global or societal challenge and then develop a solution-oriented action plan
  • Integrated into the junior year service requirement 

Senior Year - Putting Passion Into Practice

  • Senior Capstone Project and Pitch Day Competition 
  • Unique, real-world field experiences and coursework

Entrepreneurial Center Faculty

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  • Matthew Brach 

    Director of Entrepreneurial Center
    202-363-2316 x1149