High school brings exciting and challenging changes to a young person's life, as well as to their family. In the Counseling Center, our goal is to provide support and resources for students at every grade level and in every area of their lives.

We are committed to assisting with the academic, social, emotional and spiritual growth of every student. We strive to meet students at their level and to challenge them to reach greater heights. These goals are achieved through one-on-one meetings between counselor and student; classroom presentations to all students; group workshops; and parent information events.

At the St. John's Counseling Center, we want students to know that we are advocates for them and that our door is always open.

Counseling Center Mission Statement

Faithful to the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle, the mission of the Counseling Center is founded in the belief of the absolute dignity of the human spirit. Guided by faith and zeal, we reach out and respond to students in a compassionate way. We strive to assist students in identifying and achieving their academic, social and career goals. Serving as student advocates and working in conjunction with the National Standards for School Counseling Programs, our counselors plan and implement a developmental counseling program that helps students become mature and responsible members of the world community.

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 13 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Do I need to make an appointment to see my counselor?

    Yes and no. The Counseling Center has an open door policy. We invite students to come in and see their counselor any time they feel the need. However, there are times when your counselor may already be meeting with someone or be otherwise engaged. If it is not an emergency, you may need to make an appointment for a future time.  

    You can make an appointment with your counselor in several ways. Stop by the office and speak directly with your counselor to schedule a meeting, leave your counselor a note requesting a meeting or email them directly. Your counselor may make an appointment for you and send a pass through your homeroom teacher.
  • Q: What if I receive a pass to see my counselor when I am scheduled to take a test or quiz?

    Academics always come first! When you receive the pass, please stop by to see your counselor and let them know you won’t be able to keep the appointment. If you can, reschedule with them at that time.
  • Q: Can I see another counselor?

    As counselors, we enjoy working with our students and building a positive rapport with each of you. We do understand there may be times when we are not present and an issue must be resolved immediately. If this is the case, any available counselor will be happy to help you. If, perhaps, the matter is not urgent and can wait, we encourage you to email your counselor or return when appropriate to discuss the matter. 
  • Q: How do I change my schedule? How late can I drop a class?

    When a student wants to make a change to their schedule, the first step is to meet with their counselor. We want to be sure you have the proper credits to graduate, as well as the prerequisites for future classes at St. John’s and in college. Once you’ve talked it over with your parents and counselor, you will need to see the assistant principal for academic affairs or the dean of academic services to make the physical change in PowerSchool.
    It is a hard and fast rule at St. John’s that students may ONLY drop a class within the first six days of the new school year, or the semester if it is a half-credit class.
  • Q: What are St. John's graduation requirements?

    Every student needs 26 credits to graduate, including four credits of English, math and religion; three credits of science and social studies; and two credits of language.  The credits are distributed in this way: seven credits freshman and sophomore years, six and one-half credits junior year and six credits senior year. The particular courses needed in each department are listed in the Course Catalog.
    Any class in which a student has received an F must be made up in summer school. No student can receive a St. John’s diploma if they have an “unsatisfied” F on their transcript.
    For Christian Service requirements, please visit the Christian Service page. 
  • Q: What happens if I fail a class?

    No student graduates from St. John’s with an F on their transcript without remediating that class. Classes may only be made up in summer school, never during the school year. St. John’s offers a wide variety of summer classes based on the needs of our students. Sometimes a student can repeat a class at another area school, but they must have prior approval from the Department of Academic Affairs.
  • Q: What is a transcript?

    Your transcript is an accurate depiction of your high school academic record. It shows each class you have taken throughout your high school career by grade level, with the final grade you received for the year. A St. John’s transcript does not show quarter grades or exam grades. The transcript will show your grade point average for each year, as well as the cumulative total. If you have an F for a class, that grade will be on your transcript along with the summer school class and grade.
  • Q: How do I get an official transcript?

    The Counseling Center has a transcript request form that current students must complete to be issued an official transcript. Students or parents complete the form and submit it to the administrator of records. The cost for this service is $3 per transcript.
    If you would like to see an unofficial copy of your transcript, contact your counselor.
  • Q: How do I get a letter of recommendation from my counselor?

    If you need a letter of recommendation, please make an appointment with your counselor and bring a resume outlining your achievements, all extracurricular activities (both in and out of school), future goals, pertinent personal circumstances and any other information you feel is important. 
    All recommendations will be completed within 10 school days, so be sure to allow enough time for your counselor to meet any deadlines. All recommendations are confidential and will be delivered in a sealed envelope or sent directly to the recipient.
  • Q: My parents would like to meet with my counselor. Do they need to make an appointment?

    Yes, we are happy to meet with parents; however, we request they make an appointment in advance. They can do this by phoning or emailing the counselor directly. A counselor’s day is scheduled around meeting with students and teachers and handling emergencies. In order to make the most of a parent meeting, we need advance notice to prepare and block out the appropriate time.
  • Q: Can I talk to my counselor about non-academic issues?

    Of course. St. John’s counselors are specifically trained to handle a variety of issues. We are happy to talk with you about family, friends, emotional concerns and anything else that might be on your mind. As school counselors, we cannot provide psychotherapy or regular one-on-one counseling that might be needed in some situations. We can, however, offer referrals to outside professionals who can provide appropriate services. 
  • Q: What is your policy on confidentiality?

    Meetings with students are confidential; however, there are legal exceptions that require us to break confidentiality. If we have reason to believe that there is a clear and imminent threat (student harming him/herself or another person), we are required by law to disclose information or take other actions to protect those in danger. If we have reason to believe that a student is being abused, we are required to report this information to the Department of Social Services immediately. Lastly, confidentiality cannot be guaranteed if a court issues a legitimate subpoena and determines that confidentiality is not privileged.