Fitzpatrick Library: Combining Tradition With 21st Century Innovation

When you enter Fitzpatrick Library, you are greeted by a peaceful learning environment with the traditional structure and feel of a library. Spend a few minutes in this space, and you will experience how the library embraces new technology and is far from traditional.

St. John’s is committed to having the latest technology to allow students to access both Internet and subscription database resources that contain more in-depth information critically reviewed for accuracy. Students have access through the library to over 15 college-level databases through the learning management system.

The Fitzpatrick Library staff strives to maintain a library with an open environment conducive to independent study and interactive learning. The librarians collaborate with the administration and faculty to provide resources for information literacy instruction and research to support academic and curricular activities. The entire school community is welcome in the Fitzpatrick Library.

students learning at Fitzpatrick Library

Student at an exhibition inside Fitzpatrick Library

The Fitzpatrick Legacy

The Fitzpatrick Library is named in honor of Millie and Joe Fitzpatrick, faithful supporters of St. John’s and its Lasallian mission.

The Fitzpatricks were intent on providing their children with educational opportunities that would support and further develop their talents and abilities. They chose to enroll their sons at St. John’s and insisted their children be involved in academic and extracurricular activities, both athletic and non-athletic. Their efforts resulted in five SJC graduates: Jim ’65, Michael ’66, Bob ’68, Terry ’70 and Tom ’78.

In addition to their exemplary roles as parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fitzpatrick also demonstrated leadership and commitment to St. John’s values through their service to the school community. Millie served as secretary to the administration for 26 years, and Joe was president of the Men of St. John’s.     

It is the hope of the Fitzpatrick family that the library will continue to serve the students as an invaluable tool in their preparation for the future.  

Library Resources

All library resources are accessible to students and faculty via the Learning Management System.

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