100% College Placement

For a family, the route to college can be confusing and full of unexpected obstacles. The St. John’s College Counseling Office provides a comprehensive college counseling curriculum that educates students and families about all aspects of the college search and application process.

Ours is a student-driven process, and communication among the student, parent, and counselor is encouraged. We foster an environment that emphasizes the unique talents, interests, and skills of each of our students as they determine the path they will take after graduation.
At St. John’s, students and parents have several resources available to help simplify the complex college application process. Beginning junior year, students and parents are given access to Naviance, a web-based resource that contains information about colleges and scholarships. The site also includes information on schools to which St. John’s students have applied in the past. 
Throughout the school year, St. John’s hosts numerous admissions counselors from national colleges and universities to provide our students the opportunity to meet with a representative from a school they may be interested in attending. St. John’s spring college fair for sophomores and juniors draws representatives from across the country.
The counselors also host evening events for parents covering a wide range of topics in the ever-changing world of college admissions, including applications, recommendations, financial aid, and scholarships.
Whether our students need assistance writing an essay, preparing for an interview, or deciding what college or university to ultimately attend, we are here to help.  

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  • Freshman Year

    Beginning freshman year, college counselors will help students understand transcripts, course registration. and their grade point average. The focus during this year is the academic side of college preparation.
  • Sophomore Year

    The focus during the sophomore year expands to the holistic factors including letters of recommendation and involvement in activities based on their areas of interest.
  • Junior Year

    Programming for students and parents begins in Junior year with College Financial Aid Night, Junior College Night, and Case Study Night held across late Fall and Winter. Students meet one-on-one with their college counselor throughout the Spring semester: first to get to know each other, select appropriate courses for senior year, and discuss prospective teachers to ask for a letter of recommendation.  Follow-up meetings focus on refining the student’s college search and how to determine “good fit” institutions. College counselors will assist students in identifying their academic, social, and financial interests, priorities, and fit to conduct a thorough college search.  
  • Senior Year

    At the start of senior year, college counselors host Senior Kick Off before the first day of school to prepare students to complete their applications and request documents. College counselors update students and parents on the details and expectations of the fall application season at Senior College Night in early September.  Throughout the fall students will meet with their college counselors as they navigate college and scholarship applications. College counselors continue to support students and assist with questions about financial aid and how to make the best decision once acceptances are received.

College Counselors

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  • Photo of Gaby Hernandez

    Gaby Hernandez 

    Associate Director of College Counseling; Amaya–Gonzalez
    202-363-2316 x1097
  • Photo of Christine Jenkins

    Christine Jenkins 

    Associate Director of College Counseling; Gotzman–Ogu
    202-363-2316 x1007
  • Photo of Joseph Krzysko

    Joseph Krzysko 

    Associate Director of College Counseling; Ogunsanya–Zerefa
    202-363-2316 x1011
  • Photo of Kristen Logan

    Kristen Logan 

    Director of the De La Salle Scholars Program; World History and Geography 1, Senior Seminar
    202-363-2316 x1092
  • Photo of Rachel Bowers

    Rachel Bowers 

    School Counselor, Class of 2023
    202-363-2316 x1014
  • Photo of Sr. Anne Mary Smith, IHM

    Sr. Anne Mary Smith, IHM 

    Counseling Center
    202-363-2316 x1008