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The shared Lasallian heritage is more than just an educational movement – it is a living reality that we experience daily in our work and in our lives. Inspired by the charism of St. John Baptist de La Salle, St. John’s provides countless educational opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.

Beyond the walls of St. John’s, Lasallian schools are located in 84 countries throughout the world, educating more than 900,000 students.

With a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, St. John's students are known personally and receive individualized instruction. Our teachers are experienced in their academic disciplines and guided by the mission of St. John Baptist de La Salle to provide academic excellence while assisting in the overall development of our students.

Our academic success is demonstrated by the fact that 100% of our graduates are admitted to four-year colleges and universities, with many of our graduates earning scholarships to some of the most prestigious schools in the country.

Honors and AP Courses

St. John's offers many different academic paths, including a broad selection of honors and Advanced Placement courses. In fact, approximately 75% of our students take at least one advanced level course during their four years. We help our students challenge themselves to achieve their goals for high school, for college and for life. 

Students are invited to enroll in our Honors Program of Studies after they are accepted into St. John's. Honors and AP classes are offered in every subject area, and students have the ability to create a flexible course of study tailored to their interests and ability level. Click the links to the right to see a listing of Honors and AP courses offered at St. John's. 

High school placement test scores determine Honors English and Honors Biology placement in the freshman year, and placement tests are given for Honors Math and upper-level foreign language classes. After ninth grade, students are able to place into Honors and AP courses based upon academic performance.
    • In 2015, St. John's welcomed several new residents to campus - the fish, mollusks, coral and sea anemones that call the school's new 410-gallon reef aquarium home. The saltwater tank serves as a living laboratory for our science classes, allowing our marine biology students to perform fieldwork right here on campus. The aquarium has already become a point of interest for students and visitors alike.

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  • AP Courses

    Advanced Placement (AP) courses are available in the following subjects:

    AP 2D Design
    AP 3D Design
    AP Biology
    AP Calculus AB
    AP Calculus BC 
    AP Chemistry
    AP Computer Science
    AP Drawing Portfolio 
    AP English Language
    AP English Literature
    AP Environmental Science
    AP European History
    AP French
    AP History of Art
    AP Latin 
    AP Physics 1
    AP Physics C
    AP Psychology
    AP Spanish
    AP Statistics
    AP US Government  
    AP US History
  • Honors Courses

    Honors courses are available in the following subjects:
    Honors Algebra I/ Geometry
    Honors Algebra II
    Honors American Literature
    Honors Anatomy/Physiology  
    Honors Biology   
    Honors British Literature
    Honors Calculus 
    Honors Chemistry        
    Honors English 9                             
    Honors English 12
    Honors French 4
    Honors Pre-Calculus   
    Honors Readings in Spanish
    Honors Scripture
    Honors Spanish 4                           
  • PowerSchool

    St. John's uses PowerSchool, an Internet-based grading and attendance system. On any day of the school year, parents can log on for real-time access to information on their child's grades, attendance, homework assignments and more. PowerSchool is a direct link for the parents to communicate with teachers.