Welcome Juniors!

As the junior counselor, I work together with our 11th-graders to ensure a smooth transition to upper-level courses. We also start the college exploration process, which includes deciding what criteria are most important in college selection and gaining a clear understanding of how students will be perceived and assessed by colleges. Additionally, juniors are introduced to Naviance Family Connection, a web-based college planning resource for students and parents.
During junior year, students will take the PSAT. This is also the year students must decide which standardized test is best for them. Colleges and universities accept both the SAT and ACT as part of the application process, so it is important that a student determines which test will be most successful for them and then prepare for that exam. I meet with all juniors during the first few months of the school year to discuss specifics regarding these tests and answer any questions they might have. 
In addition to standardized testing, junior year grades are critical in the college application process. This is the last year that colleges will be able to see year-end grades before determining whether a student is accepted into a particular university or college. It is imperative that all students reach their full academic potential during their junior year.
I look forward to working with juniors and their families throughout the second semester!
Michelle McIntosh-Peters
School Counselor, Class of 2024

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