Welcome to senior year! Our offices are located across the hall from the school counseling center in the Harlan College Counseling Center. As senior counselors, we strive to keep students and families informed about all of their future options, from college to gap years to careers. Whether assisting with course selection, interest inventories or future planning, our goal is to aid seniors in discovering their own paths after high school. We support our diverse group of students, helping them to learn and grow academically, personally and socially.
In addition, we assist each student in navigating the pressures and challenges they experience as they work to obtain a greater sense of self, and we provide resources for students as they move toward independence. We hope to provide a unique experience for our students, one that fosters connectedness and a common understanding that allows them to grow beyond their comfort zones as they prepare for graduation.
Every counselor at St. John’s encourages students to be compassionate, forward-thinking individuals who are prepared to excel and make meaningful contributions to the greater surrounding community and beyond. Senior year is a continuation of this endeavor.
We look forward to working with you and your student during this exciting time in their lives!

Director of College Counseling
Assistant Director of College Counseling
Assistant Director of College Counseling
Dean of Academic Services and Director of the De La Salle Scholars Program

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  • Photo of Rosemary Martin (Abreu-Gilmore)

    Rosemary Martin (Abreu-Gilmore) 

    Director of College Counseling
    202-363-2316 x1097
  • Photo of Joseph Krzysko (Patterson-Ziffer)

    Joseph Krzysko (Patterson-Ziffer) 

    Assistant Director of College Counseling
    202-363-2316 x1011
  • Photo of Anna Garland

    Anna Garland 

    Dean of Academic Services; Introduction to Sociology
    202-363-2316 x1095
  • Photo of Sr. Anne Mary Smith, IHM

    Sr. Anne Mary Smith, IHM 

    Counseling Center
    202-363-2316 x1008