Welcome Sophomores!

The Counseling Center serves as one of the many contributors to the formation of students as independent, self-reliant individuals now and beyond their high school years. During sophomore year, students continue to build on skills introduced freshman year, such as organization, time management, and conflict resolution, and begin to explore methods that will provide a better understanding of self.
Individually and in small groups, we work to discover tools and tactics that will assist you in various areas. Some of the strategies utilized to aide students in becoming well-rounded life learners include:

  • Developing study habits  
  • Enhancing self-advocacy skills
  • Deepening social networks
  • Exploring career paths
  • Learning test-taking strategies
  • Managing stress

We continue to promote the Counseling Center as a place of encouragement, support for academic achievement, and a haven for coping with issues relating to high school life. Students are always welcome to drop by or make an appointment. As a commitment to our mission statement, the Counseling Center is a viable part of preparing our students for lives dedicated to leadership, achievement, and service to the community.

Steven Schwartz
School Counselor, Class of 2025

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    Steven Schwartz 

    School Counselor, Class of 2025
    202-363-2316 x1013
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    Sr. Anne Mary Smith, IHM 

    Counseling Center
    202-363-2316 x1008