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  • Amigos de las Américas

  • Chinese Club

    The Chinese Club is open to all students interested in Chinese culture or language. Our focus is to promote awareness of Mandarin and Chinese culture through holiday celebrations, activities and language learning – some examples might include sharing Chinese foods, celebrating holidays, learning Chinese calligraphy or tai chi, or discovering new areas of Chinese culture of particular interest to club members. We plan to meet once or twice a month; announcements and emails will be sent before each meeting.
  • Engineering Club

  • Entrepreneurship & Innovation Club

  • Ethiopian Club

  • French Club

    The SJC French Club is open to all students interested in French or Francophone culture. Our mission is to offer activities that promote awareness of French and French-speaking cultures in a fun, friendly environment. We meet one to two times a month in room 119. Emails are sent out prior to meetings and announcements are made on the SJC news. Some meetings are organizational, where we generate ideas for activities. Typically, each year we show French or French-speaking movies after school, or we meet at movie theaters to see French or French-speaking movies. In addition, we have cheese-tasting parties, crepe parties or, on occasion, we meet at French cafés or restaurants. We plan holiday parties to celebrate traditional French feast days. We also use French Club meetings to generate interest in the French trip, which takes place every other year during spring break. In the past, students who have gone on previous trips have shared pictures, insights and personal experiences during French Club meetings. Membership is strictly voluntary and anyone is invited to attend our meetings.
  • It’s Academic Team

    The purpose of this team is to encourage and engage intellectual curiosity in our students across a broad range of topics. We hope to promote St. John's commitment to academic excellence and to have fun! Once a week, we gather as a team and have intramural competitions that focus on practicable trivia competition skills such as buzzer speed, attention to detail, patience and teamwork. We also discuss fundraising opportunities and prepare logistically for upcoming tournaments, televised and non-televised. Additionally, It's Academic hosts school-wide Quizbowls, during which students may team up with the faculty and staff for some friendly competition! All students are welcome to join.
  • Latin/Mediterranean Club

    Part of the National Junior Classical League, the goal of this group is to promote and celebrate Roman culture and language and to inspire future participation and study in the Latin language. The Latin Club meets monthly.
  • Math Club

  • Portuguese and Brazilian Culture Club

  • Robotics Team

    St. John’s Robotics Team competes in the U.S. First Regional Robotics Competition against other national and international teams. The Robotics Team meets weekly throughout the fall and daily in January and February to facilitate the design and construction of their team’s competitive robot. Most of the meetings are held in the Robotics room at the end of the 300 hallway. Any student with a passion for building, tinkering or programming should look into the team's opportunities. SJC Robotics also has a direct correlation to engineering careers for students who would like to study that field.
  • Spanish Club

    Membership in the Spanish Club is open to all students interested in gaining knowledge about the Spanish and Hispanic cultures. The main focus is to celebrate, enjoy and learn through activities centered on areas of special interest to the members. These might include salsa-dancing lessons, cooking/preparing various cultural foods (and of course eating them afterward), watching cultural films and celebrating Latino holidays or events, as well as sharing personal experiences and memorabilia from travel and other cultural opportunities. Meetings usually take place once or twice a month, and announcements about meetings, outings or other opportunities come through emails sent out ahead of time to all club members.


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  • InLight Magazine

  • Literary Magazine

    The Literary Magazine publishes poetry, short stories, creative narratives and essays, art and photographs. Submissions are open to all students, and the best pieces will be chosen for publication. Spots are open for student representatives in all grades to endorse the magazine and encourage submissions school-wide. Also, student editor positions are available for interested juniors or seniors.
  • The Sabre Student Newspaper and Morning News

    The Sabre and Sabre TV provide the school community with news from around campus and around the world. Editors are selected by application only and meet daily during homeroom. Staff positions are open to sophomores, juniors and seniors. The online student newspaper is updated throughout the week, and the morning news show is posted each school day. Visit the website:
  • Yearbook (TAPS)

    This group meets daily during homeroom to compile an annual record of SJC. The ultimate goal is to produce the annual yearbook, which is distributed at the end of each academic year. Included are photos, captions and various "memories" that the community has generated throughout the year. This group is for upperclassmen who have an interest in completing this year-long project. Applications and interviews during the spring semester are required.


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  • Athletic Training Club

    Each student will learn the concepts of treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. The student will observe and learn how to care for and wrap certain skin wounds and athletic injuries for the student-athletes. The student will also conduct and help the injured athletes with their physical rehabilitation by supervising them and showing them how to perform their exercises. Students may volunteer as much time as they would like, but do not have to report every day. If the student is interested in the field of medicine, this is a good learning opportunity.
  • Female Athletes Club

  • Fitness and Health Club

  • Ski Club

    Ski Club is open to all students. It is a way for students to go skiing/snow boarding throughout the winter. There are six Friday trips that begin in January, after winter break. The bus leaves at 3:15 pm from the back parking lot and returns to school around midnight. We alternate between Ski Liberty and Whitetail each week. Due to transportation, participation is on a first come, first served basis with 52 available spots per trip.
  • St. John's Booster Club

    The purpose of this group is to enhance school spirit and support our athletes in competition. Meetings occur prior to athletic events in attempts to plan the best way to show spirit and support. While members of this group are responsible for organizing and planning these athletic support activities, the most important duty is to remind every student of St John’s that they are the backbone of the Booster Club. Follow on Twitter: @SJC_BOOST

Cadets Corps

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  • Color Guard

    The Color Guard presents the colors at formal ceremonies and various events throughout Washington, DC. Any Cadets Corps member is welcome to join this team. Meetings are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at 7:10 am in the auditorium.
  • Drill Team

    The Drill Team performs at various schools in the DC metro area. Performances include armed and unarmed drill competitions. Any Cadets Corps member is welcome to join this team. Meetings are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday immediately after school in the auditorium. The cadets run this activity.
  • Raiders Team

    This is the most physical and competitive of the Cadet Corps teams. Students participate in an army physical fitness test, land navigation test, rope bridge competition, first aid and 5K road march. Practices take place after school from late October until spring break.
  • Rifle Team

    This team consists of 6-10 shooters and two coaches. Shooters are assigned individual firearms that they may customize to fit their own needs. They are afforded practice time several days a week in preparation for competition with other teams through live fire and postal matches at the local and regional levels.


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  • Debate Team

    Speech and debate are consistently recognized as fundamental activities in promoting student leadership, raising standardized test scores and distinguishing applicants to elite universities. This club focuses on policy debate and student congress. Events that emphasize knowledge of governmental policy and action on both the domestic and international levels are also hot topics.
  • Girl Up

    Girl Up is an innovative campaign of the United Nations Foundation. It gives American girls the opportunity to become global leaders and channel their energy and compassion to raise awareness and funds for United Nations programs that help some of the world’s hardest-to-reach adolescent girls. Girl Up will meet on Mondays once a month for regular group meetings and possibly every two weeks for people who are officers, although anyone can attend.
  • Model UN

    The purpose of this club is to build international awareness at the school. We research and debate current or theoretical issues facing the UN from the perspective of one or several particular nations involved. Club members are expected to conduct research regarding these issues and develop position papers that detail the specific position their nation might take on those issues. We participate in the conferences at St. Anselm’s, George C. Marshall High School, Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University, Columbia University and Georgetown University. Many conferences are multi-day and some school days may be missed. Any interested student may participate.
  • Student Government Association

    The purpose of SGA is to promote spirit within the school community. Each grade level has representatives who are chosen via peer elections. SGA's mission is to organize school activities, such as dances, spirit week, Homecoming, pep rallies, etc., to promote our school spirit and identity. We look for enthusiastic and energetic students who value and embrace St. John's traditions. Elections for each grade level are held in the spring of the year prior to service.

Faith and Service

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  • Best Buddies

  • Cadets For A Cure

  • Cadets Who Care

  • Eco Club/ S.H.R.E.D

    The purpose of this group is to facilitate and improve recycling efforts while educating the student body about environmental concerns at St. John's. We hope to implement environmentally friendly practices at SJC. The students meet daily during homeroom (room 421) and hold general meetings once a month after school. The students in this program are responsible for a school-wide recycling program that occurs three times a week during homeroom. During the monthly meetings, students hold discussions on other possible ways to "green" the school, plan for Earth Week in April and discuss service opportunities (park clean-ups, etc.). To become a member of this group, you must attend the monthly meetings. If you would like to be part of the recycling program, you must apply at the end of the year. All grade levels are welcome!
  • Families4Families

  • Helping Hands

  • San Miguel Translation Club

  • SJSea Club

  • Lasallian Youth

    Lasallian Youth is open to all students. It offers the student a variety of opportunities to minister to the economically poor through direct service and education in the spirit of St. John Baptist de La Salle. Members of Lasallian Youth assist in building a faith-filled community at St. John’s. Activities include collecting items for food and clothing drives, mission collections and tutoring grade school students at the San Miguel School in Washington, DC. This group also assists other school clubs, teams and faculty groups plan and participate in service projects. 
  • Prayer and Meditation

    Prayer and meditation are important to everyday life. The purpose of this group is to alleviate stress and help promote a healthier life both spiritually and mentally. Every two weeks, on Mondays, we gather 10 minutes after dismissal for a half-hour in the chapel. We invite faculty members to come and share passages from the Bible or their experience of meditation. This gives students a deeper understanding of the Bible and meditation, and it is a great way to start the week. There is no formal sign-up procedure; students are invited to join in whenever they have spare time. All are welcome!


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  • Anime Club

    The Anime Club is an introduction to, and appreciation of, Japanese entertainment and culture. Students meet once a week. Traditionally, they watch movies, videos and episodes with one member guiding a group discussion. Students will discover and understand Japanese multi-media and appreciate the different drawing styles of Anime. Students will also watch classic Anime movies and discuss the messages conveyed. Discussions will be held about how the artists choose to depict that message by their use of different symbols and facial expressions. There are days when our members will learn how to draw Anime and learn how to write and understand Japanese. There are also game days that give our members a chance to learn how Japanese culture has become embedded within the US culture.
  • Black Student Union

    Black Student Union (BSU) – Michelle McIntosh-Peters & Dana Watson
    The Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization dedicated to encouraging cultural diversity at SJC, with special regard to students of African descent. Members of the school administration and student body have partnered to enhance the educational experience of Black students while at St. John’s College High School. In forming the BSU, the SJC community establishes the following beliefs:  We believe that the academic needs and cultural realities of Black students deserve the same respect afforded other institutional programs. We believe that St. John’s validates the importance of Black students on campus by acknowledging the varying contributions and needs of those students. Fulfilling these needs at the high school level will provide students with more resources to draw upon once their high school experience has concluded. Finally, we value student growth and development and strive for cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of all of our diverse histories and experiences.  The BSU is open to all!
  • Board Game Club

    Formerly the St. John's Chess Club, the Board Game Club features an always-growing list of strategy board, card and pen-and-paper games. This club serves as a fun, social outlet for students to engage in face-to-face competitive and collaborative challenges. We meet after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Book Club

    The Book Club meets every few weeks to read and discuss books from all different genres and topics. It is great for those who love to read, as well as for those who would like to read more but don’t know where to find good books. We are also creating an online group to discuss books between meeting sessions and planning reading promotion parties for the club members and the whole school.
  • Cadets Outside

  • Car Club

  • Cooking Club

  • Current Events Club

  • E-Sports Club

  • Fishing Club

  • Hack Club

  • HER (Her Essence Radiates) Club

  • Improv RPG

  • Investment Club

  • Junta Club

  • LSU (Latino Student Union)

    Rosemary Martin and student members 
    The Latino Student Union (LSU) is an organization dedicated to encouraging cultural diversity at SJC, with special regard to students of Latino and Hispanic descent. Members of the school administration and student body have partnered to enhance the educational experience of Latino and Hispanic students at St. John’s College High School. In forming the LSU, the SJC community establishes the following beliefs:  
    We believe that the academic needs and cultural realities of Hispanic and Latino students deserve the same respect afforded to other institutional programs. 
    We believe that St. John’s validates the importance of Latino and Hispanic students’ culture and heritage on campus by acknowledging the varying contributions, language differences, and needs of those students. 
    Fulfilling these needs and exposing students to cultural differences at the high school level will provide students with more resources to draw upon once their high school experience has concluded. 
    We believe in the importance of bridging the Hispanic and Latino students and families with the St. John’s community by providing various resources, tools, events, and culturally aware programming. 
    Finally, we value student growth and development and strive for cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of all of our diverse histories and experiences.  
  • MSA (Multicultural Student Alliance)

  • Photography Club

  • Positivity Club

  • Pre-Med Club

  • SON (Say Our Names)

  • Student Identity Alliance

The Arts

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  • Art Club

    SJC Art Club is a collaborative group in which students participate in a variety of art projects that allow for self-expression. Each Art Club member brings his/her style to the group, which creates an environment of diversity where students can learn from one another. Art Club meets monthly on a Wednesday immediately after school ends in the Art Room. Art Club is open to everyone.


    Ms. Lussi, Ms. Mills & Ms.;; mflynn@stjohnschs.orgWednesday
  • Bel Canto

  • Chamber Choir

  • Comedy Club

  • Dance Team

  • Fiber Arts Club

  • Guitar Club

  • Jazz Ensemble

  • Music Ministry

    Ms. Fernandez & Ms.; ccoffey@stjohnschs.orgMonday
  • Scarlet & Grey

  • Songwriters and Composition

  • Ukelele Club

  • The International Thespian Society

    The ITS is an offshoot of the Educational Theatre Association, a professional organization for teachers of theatre and theatre professionals at all levels. The International Thespian Society offers students exposure to the larger world of theatre. As members, they benefit from publications edited specifically for high school and middle school theatre enthusiasts; from participating in events such as state conferences and the International Thespian Festival; from the recognition that comes from being part of an honorary organization; and from the widened perspective that proves they share an interest with millions of peers. Thespian students also have an array of scholarship opportunities open to them at state and international thespian events. More importantly, it gives our students internationally recognized credit for their efforts on behalf of theatre and St. John's.
  • Instrumental Ensembles

    St. John's offers a variety of curricular and extracurricular instrumental ensembles through our band, strings and jazz programs. To learn more and see the full list, visit our Instrumental Music page.
  • St. John's Theatre

    For more than 70 years, St. John's Theatre Program has educated students in the theatrical arts and provided the SJC community with a wide range of productions that both entertain and enlighten. To learn more, visit our St. John's Theatre page.
  • Vocal Ensembles

    St. John's offers a variety of curricular and extracurricular vocal ensembles. To learn more and see the full list, visit our Vocal Music page.