All the World's A Stage...

For more than 70 years, St. John's Theatre Program has educated students in the theatrical arts and provided the SJC community with a wide range of productions that both entertain and enlighten the audience.

St. John's Theatre presents two or three full stage productions each year, including a comedy or drama in the fall and a musical in the spring. Opportunities for smaller productions are also available.

Every school production offers students the chance to be part of St. John's Theatre as performers or as part of the stage crew. More than half of our actors come to St. John's with no prior theatre experience - they might be talked into auditioning by a friend or teacher, and then find they have unlocked a talent for and life-long love of theatre. If performing on stage isn't their calling, students have the opportunity to join the stage crew that builds the sets, runs the stage lighting and sound and generally produces the piece. 

Theatre students regularly attend both professional and high school productions throughout the Washington, DC, area. In addition, theatre students take an annual trip to New York City to take in two Broadway shows, attend Mass at St. Patrick's, visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art and tour other fine and performing arts establishments.

The International Thespian Society

St. John's has been a member of the International Thespian Society for nearly 20 years. The ITS is an offshoot of the Educational Theatre Association, a professional organization for teachers of theatre and theatre professionals at all levels. The International Thespian Society offers students exposure to the larger world of theatre. As members, they benefit from publications edited specifically for high school and middle school theatre enthusiasts; from participating in events like state conferences and the International Thespian Festival; from the recognition that comes from being part of an honorary organization; and from the widened perspective that proves they share an interest with millions of peers. Thespian students also have an array of scholarship opportunities open to them at state and international thespian events. 

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