Raise Your Voice In Song

St. John's vocal performing arts program encompasses a variety of ensembles and opportunities, both during the school day and after school. The program has expanded in recent years and currently offers eight different performance avenues.

At the core of the program are Novice Chorus, Intermediate Chorus, Chamber Choir, and Advanced Vocal Studies. All are mixed-voiced ensembles focusing on traditional choral studies and vocal pedagogy. There are two extracurricular contemporary performance ensembles: the dance-based “SJC Glee” and the Tenor & Bass ensemble “TBD....”  Students may also participate in our Music Ministry and Musical Theatre programs. 

Vocal Ensembles

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  • Advanced Vocal Studies

    This is the leading choral ensemble at SJC and our most advanced course offering for vocalists. It is an intimate, auditioned ensemble of 12 to 16 voices. Students audition at the end of the spring semester to register for the course the following year. This class exposes students to all vocal styles and genres. Instructional emphasis is placed on part independence, the development of superior vocal technique, advanced sight reading and theory application and four- to six-part harmonization. The purpose of this class is to prepare students to pursue vocal performing arts at the collegiate level.
  • Chamber Choir

    This is an auditioned, extracurricular ensemble of mixed voices consisting of approximately 35 students that meets twice a week after school. Chamber Choir focuses on expanding the traditional choral repertoire, incorporating classics as well as modern-day choral works. 
  • SJC Glee

    This non-auditioned, extracurricular ensemble is open to any student wishing to study basic choreography, perform contemporary vocal literature, and pair singing with movement. Music selection is often pop, a cappella, or Broadway-based and is worked on independently. This group meets once each week to rehearse and pull together combined efforts.
  • TBD...

    Our newest ensemble is TBD... (To Be Determined), a non-auditioned, extracurricular ensemble that acts as a large voice lesson for any changed-voice singer (tenor or bass) wishing to improve vocal technique. Music selection is modern, a cappella, or Billboard chart-based and is worked on independently. This group meets once each week to rehearse and pull together combined efforts.
  • Novice Chorus and Intermediate Chorus

    Two sections of Intermediate Chorus consist of returning singers that meet during the school day and combine at concerts to create a 50-member tour-de-force! Novice Chorus is for first-time singers at St. John’s and focuses on introducing and reinforcing choral basics such as vocal technique, sight reading and three- to four-part harmonizing.
  • Music Ministry

    A volunteer ensemble that meets once a week. This ministry is our vocal service for school Masses, typically assisting with one Mass per month.
  • Musical Theatre

    Each spring, the vocal music program teams up with St. John's Theatre for a collaborative musical production. Vocal music students have the opportunity to audition, and the vocal music instructor works closely with the cast to help students learn all solo and ensemble parts. Musical theatre also uses a student PIT orchestra, creating cross collaboration with the instrumental program.

Competition Travel

Students in our instrumental and vocal arts programs have the opportunity to travel each year and compete against other high school ensembles, both nationally and internationally. Recent trips include competitions in Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, Toronto, Virginia Beach, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Nashville, and the Bahamas.

Tri-M Society

Modern Music Masters (Tri-M) is an international honor society for music students. Members of the band, strings and vocal music programs who exemplify musicianship, leadership and service are invited to be inducted into Tri-M.