Jeffrey Mancabelli, St. John's President

We strongly believe that technology is an essential component of a comprehensive secondary education. The future of education is not to ‘add on’ technology, but to have seamless integration in the classroom.
Three years ago, St. John's was one of the first schools in the area to incorporate a school-wide 1:1 iPad program. Using these tablets, students are able to turn in their assignments, take notes, watch digital lessons, make flashcards, participate in whiteboard exercises and review teacher presentations from any location. Learning networks allow for online group study and virtual office hours with the faculty, providing more one-on-one interaction.

There is no additional cost to families for this program. St. John's believes that technology is an essential part of any education, and so the school does not charge a technology or equipment fee.

St. John's 1:1 Educational Technology Program...
  • Provides students with tools to develop better organizational and time-management skills
  • Encourages students to have a voice, think critically and form educated opinions through online discussions
  • Provides students with instant research capabilities and access to both search engines and extensive online databases
  • Fosters student collaboration through group projects, online discussion and peer review activities
  • Cultivates critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Empowers teachers with the ability to flip their classrooms in ways that allow students to have more personalized instruction and support during class time
  • Engages students in activities that enhance understanding and nurture creativity, such as constructing videos, concept maps, animations, timelines and interactive posters
  • Connects students and teachers through a collegiate-style learning management system to enhance course communication 
  • Allows students to submit work online and complete digital assessments, enabling teachers to provide more prompt, personalized and constructive feedback
  • Offers students the opportunity to assume leadership roles by serving on the Student Technology Team
  • Enables teachers to custom-tailor digital anthologies for their courses to provide students with freely accessible textbooks that are more unique and engaging
  • Encourages students to be responsible digital citizens who understand the permanence of their digital footprint and the importance of developing a positive persona

Frequently Asked Questions

List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Why iPads?

    The highest-level requirement for the evaluation process was that the device must be able to be configured for the individual needs of the end user, which could be unique to each person. Technology has evolved to a level that no longer requires the end user to cater to how the device works. Once this requirement has been met, then issues such as portability, battery life, durability, virus and app protection, usable life and availability of resources can be evaluated. This led to the selection of Apple’s tablet computer, the iPad. Apple is known as a leader in educational support with a wealth of resources. The seamless integration of apps and a secure operating system allows for maximum educational use with minimal support needed.
  • Q: When will I receive my iPad?

    Incoming 9th-grade students will receive their iPad during Freshman Orientation.
  • Q: Which apps are commonly used?

    Apps fall into three categories: core apps, teacher-recommended course apps and student-choice apps.

    • Core apps are apps that everyone receives at no extra expense. The current list includes: Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Notability, iMovie, GarageBand, Dropbox, Canvas, Kindle and iBook.
    • Teacher-recommended course apps are required by your teacher for a particular course. Many of these apps are free; however, you may be required to purchase apps periodically.
    • Student-choice apps are apps you find to help you become more productive. There are a multitude of apps to help get the job done. You will not always be locked into doing it the same way as everyone else.
  • Q: Will the school offer orientation or training for students?

    Orientation and training will occur when you are issued your iPad at the beginning of the school year. Ongoing support during the school year is available from your classroom teachers and the Technology Department.
  • Q: How will I store all of my academic work on my iPad?

    You can store your academic work in several ways. Some work will be stored in the app you’re using, some will be stored in the iCloud storage tied to your iTunes account and other work will be stored in your Dropbox.
  • Q: Will I get to keep the iPad over the summer?

    Yes, as long as you'll be returning to St. John's for the next academic year.
  • Q: Do I keep the iPad when I graduate?

    All software, apps and eBooks are tied to your personal iTunes account and will follow you after graduation. iPads must be returned before graduation.
  • Q: How will the iPad prepare me for college?

    “After having an iPad my senior year, I decided to buy one before leaving for Clemson University. I have looked around my classes and noticed how hard it is for students to keep up with their note taking when they have computers and paper notebooks.  In addition, I have had many students stare at me in amazement because I know how to take advantage of all of the resources the iPad offers. I can quickly download PowerPoint presentations and take notes during lectures, which makes it easy to pay attention to what the teacher is saying.  
    “I am emailing you because I thought you would be interested in how effective the iPads are to SJC students after high school. I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to be taught on a different level than students at MANY other schools. Thank you for everything!”
    Brittany Testa, SJC Class of 2014

St. John's Core Apps

  • Access My Library - School Edition
  • iBook
  • Kindle
  • Insight 360 Student
  • Keynote
  • Kno Textbooks
  • Notability (take notes and annotate PDFs with Dropbox and Google Sync)
  • Numbers
  • Pages
  • Dropbox
  • Showbie
  • iMove
  • Garage Band
  • Canvas